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Wellington Wedding Sound and lighting hire Jukebox,karaoke,and also DJ service

portable PA With  Radio Microphone  for wedding ceremonies

We are able to offer a seperate radio mic and speaker system for your wedding ceremony's or events where there is no power supply available . You can connect an iPod/Laptop/Smartphone or USB memory stick.


This PA  system also provides a much more natural sound, close to where you are speaking from and the freedom from cables. It can be 'off putting' having your voice booming from the main  sound system, which may be at the other end of the room, even DJ's can find the delay effect slightly awkward.


It is also ideal for wedding venues where the meal is in a seperate room to the wedding disco.


The wedding PA system comes with its own stand and one or two  radio mics as required.It can be discreetly placed in a position out of the way.It provides you with the flexibility and  Convenience to either walk around or to pass the mic on to some one else  for the next speech.



Price: $150 - Over night hire


Ipod Sound System Hire

create your song list

for the day's events. You need to figure out exactly which songs will be played at the wedding

the average song is around three minutes in length, you’ll need a minimum of 120 songs to get you through the ceremony and subsequent celebration.

your Ipods, dvd players, laptops or Smartphone etc plug directly into the back of the sound system

cable for this Included

2 x 400w-RMS powered speakers Price: $210 - Over night hire

Beautiful Bubbles! Wedding Ceremony

Party away in a cloud of bubbles!

Add some wow to your event

A steady streams of bubbles produced are sure to enchant guests of all ages.

It's important to use quality bubble fluid in bubble machines. When you want to add a bit of fun in your party what better way than to add a lot of floating bubbles

Price: $50  - Over night hire

LED Light waterfall effect


A Curtain of ice white LED lights will serve as the perfect backdrop in creating a stunning waterfall effect. Dazzle guests at a wedding or engagement party, This incredible piece has 480 LED light bulbs that have a variety of settings including twinkling and flashing. recommended for indoor use only.

Cover area is 3 meters Wide and 1.8 drop

Price: $35 each  - Over night hire

Ultra bright LED Up-lighting - Mood Lighting


LED Up-lighting are quickly becoming the hottest option for wedding lighting. They are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to transform any wedding reception and wedding ceremonies. They will create a stunning effect that will add elegance and style to your event.

Even the plainest of spaces can be brought to life with some well placed up-lights. The light also illuminates the ceiling and the overall effect is dramatic.

Each light can be individually controlled, so it's possible to have one single colour throughout the room to complement your colour scheme  or alternating colours, or even a random assortment of colours. They can be used to light up walls, columns, plants or anything that you like.

The up-lighting we provide uses very little power and is also extremely safe to be placed around rooms  as the LED bulbs do not get hot..


Price: $50 each - Over night hire

Wedding Reception lighting to light up the dance floor

Lighting is one of the key elements in creating the perfect atmosphere and ambiance at your wedding and reception venue. It can be made to look stunning with our wedding lighting hire services you can have a package with different combinations of DJ lights. See them all here.

Wellington wedding DJ hire service

Wellington DJ service

A DJ that has a history of filling the dance floor and keeping it full!

What does our Wellington Professional Mobile DJ Hire Service include?

your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life!


With all the wedding planning and preparations that go into making your day just right, it can be easy to overlook the importance of booking the right DJ for your wedding entertainment.

When you book Daniel ... DJ Anthem - Capital City Sounds you’re not just booking any mobile disco and DJ, you are placing your wedding entertainment in the hands of some one with high-level experience someone who is passionate about creating a great party atmosphere.


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