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Rockbox Party Hire Terms and Conditions

Free delivery and set up applies only when hiring a Jukebox or Karaoke
We provide free delivery setup and collect the next day . (value $100) This is free to most places throughout  greater Wellington area
(south of Pukerua Bay and Upper Hutt).

Free delivery setup and collection also including any discounts given for any
reason by Wellington Rock box Party Hire are subject and conditional to all the hire
terms and conditions as set out at  being adhered


When we deliver or collect goods, especially in the CBD on a Friday night it is
the hirer's responsibility to ensure that there is parking available and reasonable
access to and from the venue.  Free delivery is based on the access to and from the venue being relatively  easy and straight forward,  also keeping in mind that we will be moving over 100kgs of equipment.  Therefore If the access is going to be difficult then you need to tell us about it.


Upon delivery or when you uplift goods directly from RockBox Party Hire we will demonstrate how to operate the equipment. It is at this point in time that the
equipment will also be shown and deemed to be in good working order and suitable
to be used as intended.


Hire Period:


The hire period is over night. In general terms this will mean that we deliver, or you
up-lift the equipment at an agreed time between the hours of mid to late afternoon
on the day of the hire. Returns or collection is before 12 noon the next day. However,
we can accommodate alternative hire periods, but they will need to be
agreed between Wellington RockBox Party Hire and the hirer.

RockBox party hire reserve the right to charge for the late returned of equipment . charges for the late returns will be based on a  pro rata Hire Period rate or if the equipment

is unavailable for the next booking  we may charge for the full Hire Period.


Equipment Returned:


All equipment is checked at the end of each hire to ensure that it is in perfect
working order before hired out to the next customer.


It is agreed that at the end of each hire RockBox Party Hire will be given a
reasonable time frame to inspect the equipment for damage and to notify
the customer with regards to any claim of damage that may be placed.


The window of time for this assessment is as follows:


a) After the hire period has expired

b) Before the equipment is rehired to the next customer


Should a claim of damage be placed by RockBox Party Hire following this
assessment it is agreed that it is on the hirer to show the loss or destruction
was not caused by their misuse or negligence.


Equipment must be returned at the agreed time before 12 noon the next day in clean condition otherwise a cleaning fee maybe applicable.


Loss or Damage of Equipment:


All goods remain the sole property of Wellington RockBox Party Hire, or its representatives,
and the hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage sustained, within the
hire period, and up till the time all goods are returned The hirer shall be responsible
for the cost of repairing any equipment damage and liable for the replacement cost
in the event of theft or damage beyond economic repair. You agree that we have a
right of access to the equipment in order to inspect, repair or replace it and you
authorise us to enter any property where the equipment is located or where we
reasonably believe it to be located, to carry out such inspection, repair or replacement.


Examples of Misuse and what not to do


When you hire a Jukebox or Karaoke Please do not at any time unplug the unit from the mains power without first shutting down the computer correctly.

This may damage the  computer.  

- Swinging the karaoke microphone on the lead attached to it will destroy the lead
in no time at all, that's if you don't hit a piece of furniture or something else and
destroy that or the microphone first.


- Karaoke song books with cigarette holes burnt though the pages.


- Pages taken out of the books and used as notepads.


- Alcohol, candle wax spilt over books and or equipment


Sound Advice:


Despite the best of engineering, the selection of the best drivers and the most careful production and quality control loudspeakers can still fail - why? The number one
reason is misuse, caused by excessive power causing the speaker to blow.


The first reason for speaker failure is the most obvious: playing any speaker at
excessive levels can damage it. For example, loudspeakers can easily reproduce
the real dynamic range of live acoustic music; but no high quality speakers can
reproduce the brutal levels of a heavy metal rock concert.


To guard against clipping, keep your volume and base control below
"twelve o'clock" on the dial. At this level the sound will still be more than you need.

If you like we can demonstrate this when we deliver and set up the equipment.

In my experience it's only people who have consumed too much alcohol and are
stupefied that insist on winding up the base and volume controls to the max or
excessive levels - Don't Let Them Do It - because they can blow the speakers and
may also damage the amplifier.


RISK: Damage to Property and/or Person:


The customer agrees that no liability will be accepted by the owner and hereby
indemnifies Wellington Party Hire against any claims which may arise from any

with regards to any injury or damage arising from the use of the equipment or the
premises where the equipment is used. The risk in the equipment will pass to you upon delivery, or installation, or, when you uplift the equipment directly
(at the moment of uplift).




If you decide to cancel Please let us know ASAP. We will then send you written confirmation to that effect to ensure that there is no dispute as to whether or not you have cancelled:

You require written confirmation from RockBox party hire to confirm your booking

you also require written confirmation from RockBox party hire to confirm you have cancelled your booking


Cancellation: January up to November


If you decide to cancel Please let us know ASAP. We will then send you written confirmation to that effect to ensure that there is no dispute as to whether or not you have cancelled:

You require written confirmation from RockBox party hire to confirm your booking

you also require written confirmation from RockBox party hire to confirm you have cancelled your booking


Cancellation fees are as follows 

a) 72 - 96 hours before start of hire period - 25% of hire charge.

b) 48 - 72 hours before start of hire period - 50% of hire charge.

c) 24 - 48 hours before start of hire period - 75% of hire charge.

d) Less than 24 hours before start of hire period - 100% hire charge.



Cancellation of bookings  made for November and December will be charged at 100% of the hire fee. This is because of the extremely high risk  we take at this time of the year as it is most unlikely that we would be able to refill the booking space to fit within the  delivery and pickup time schedules  that we have  already agreed  to  with other customers

( If you are not 100% sure that you are going to go ahead with your booking then it is best that you don't  book until you are sure )




We accept payment by cash or bank deposit.

Payment is required when the equipment is delivered or when you uplift the goods
or at another time, but only if arranged prior to delivery and if RockBox Party Hire
choose to agree. The hirer acknowledges they shall be responsible for all costs
relating to collection of any outstanding charges in relation to this agreement.

Interest will accrue from the date of the invoice in any amount outstanding by
the rate of 1.5% per month.


In the case of a person entering into this contract in a private capacity as Hirer, the Hirer by entering into this contract hereby authorises the disclosure of personal information regarding their creditworthiness by any other party to the Owner and that this personal information may be used by the Owner to advise the Hirer of the Owner's other goods and services. The Hirer has rights of access to and correction of personal information contained in this contract subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.


Acceptance of Terms & Conditions:


If, for any reason, the customer has not acknowledged these terms and conditions by accepting the equipment for hire from Wellington RockBox Party Hire the customer will have
deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of hire. Any variation to the contract must be agreed in writing.

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