Wellington PA sound system Speakers Microphone  Rent / Hire for all events


Having a party? Got your own music and want to make it something special?

Hire our thumping powered mixer, plug in your iPod and be your own D.J.

Go Anywhere System Portable sound

Simply the most versatile  portable sound system No mains power required-for outdoor ceremonies (weather permitting) -  battery-powered Single speaker system. A portable PA that delivers a punchy, clear sound! that can be taken anywhere.This PA sound system also comes with 1x Wireless Microphone.

Play music from your iPod, laptop or Smartphone cable for this Included


Price: $150 Over night hire



PA Speaker Sound System

self powered 400w-rms each side



A simple solution for most situations, as these particular self powered speakers have built in base, treble and volume controls. They also have a microphone input and Includes a cablefor your Ipods, dvd players, laptops etc plug directly into the back of these speakers. Each sound system has
been designed with simplicity in mind. No complicated
operating systems, no confusing wiring, simple set up and ready-to-go

2 x 400w-RMS powered speakers Price: $210 

Over night hire


Microphone Hire

Over night Hire a wireless microphone or a cabled microphone based on your events individual requirements. Wireless microphone Great for speech when you wont the freedom to move around

Regular vocal mic $30

Single Cordless mic $50 

Pair Cordless mic $80 

Wellington PA hire 2 x 400 RMS
Wellington party hire Wireless+Microphone